Our Board of Trustees

Meredith Hemphill Ruden, DSW, LCSW / President

Dr. Ruden is a parent of two and cancer survivor who founded The Feather Foundation with a vision of a space dedicated to helping parents with cancer.  In choosing the name for the organization, she felt that it was important to emphasize the spirit of its mission: “as a cancer survivor, I felt that the word “cancer” had a way of taking over.  We think our organization is less about cancer than it is about finding a way through a challenge to your family caused by cancer.  Finding hope that you can face it, with togetherness and lots of love.”

Dr. Ruden is a social worker that specializes in work with cancer centers and community-based cancer organizations, providing counseling support to individuals and their families and developing new programs for their support.  In this work, the stories of people who were exhausted by the demands of care for themselves and their kids were too frequent. People who had new financial constraints, and few childcare options seemed particularly overwhelmed.  

“It’s not that we assume that every parent will need financial help, guidance with parenting, help with coping from a community of parents and professionals, or more information.  But, they may need some of it.   And, it’s important for them to know, that our community is there for them if they do need it at any point.

Sara Goldberger, LCSW-R / Board Director
Ms. Goldberger has extensive experience with oncology support programming on local and national platforms. Her innovative and comprehensive approach to supporting people with cancer has raised the standard of community-based services, and expanded the notion of “patient-centered” care.

Alice Kearney, LMHC, ATR / Board Director
Ms. Kearney is an art therapist with over 25 years experience in working with children through life challenges like a parent’s illness. She combines psycho-therapeutic and creative arts therapy techniques with a versatile, strengths-based approach that emphasizes children’s capabilities, potential and resilience.

Michele Myers, MD / Board Director
Dr. Myers is a pediatric oncologist who understands that any patient’s well being is more than medical treatment, and linked to their relationships. “I ask about how everyone in the family is doing because I know that patients do better when everyone is coping as well as possible.”


Lauren Goldsmith, MM / Secretary

Roseann McGeehin, MBA / Treasurer

Gregory P. Copeland, ATT / Officer of the Audit Committee
Mr. Copeland is a supervising attorney with experience working in a non-profit organization.

Steven Froehlich, MBA / Officer of the Audit Committee
Mr. Froehlich has led fundraising departments and initiatives in some of the nation's leading non-profit organizations, within various service sectors including healthcare and pediatric oncology.